Service System

Vinka Service System is an convenient and intelligent solution for VINKA's customers, including factory, brander and dealer. It helps them to diagnose VINKA's various products and manage business data better. The system is implemented as the combination of VST box and application software Dealer Tool.

Service Tool
VINKA Service Tool 2.0

VST2.0, VINKA service tool is designed to enable communication between PC and E-Bike for diagnosis, product configuration, software upgrade, development and debug. With VST2.0 box, the Dealer Portal is able to connect all VINKA devices, including display, controller, battery, torque sensor and VBox etc.

VINKA Service Application
VINKA Service Application

VINKA Service Application is a system designed for VINKA's 

after-sales diagnosis. It functions in conjunction with VINKA Dealer Tool to form a comprehensive VINKA diagnosis system.

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