VINKA AIoT Solution

VINKA solution is a comprehensive system consisting of three components: VINKA AIoT Max System, VINKA Life App, and VINKA Diagnosis Service System. With a focus on E-Bikes, this solution aims to provide advanced technology, convenience, and diagnostic capabilities to enhance the overall cycling experience.

AIoT Max System

VINKA AIoT Max System

The VINKA AIoT Max System is the core component of the solution. It incorporates artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to offer a seamless integration between the cycler, the E-Bike, and the environment.
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Life App

VINKA Life App

The VINKA Life App serves as the interface between the cycler and the AIoT Max System. It can be easily installed on a smartphone, allowing users to access a wide range of functionalities. Through the app, cyclers can customize their E-Bike settings, track their cyclin history, receive alerts or notifications regarding maintenance requirements or potential issues, etc.
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Diagnosis Service System

VINKA Diagnosis Service System

The VINKA Diagnosis Service System is an innovative feature that enables proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. By analyzing the data collected from the AIoT Max System, this system can detect anomalies or potential malfunctions in the E-Bike. It then provides users with detailed diagnostic reports, recommended solutions, and even access to remote technical support.
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