VINKA AIoT Max System

On account of many years’accumulated experience and knowledge, VINKA AIoT MAX System integrates the advanced and intelligent IoT technology as well as the most cutting-edge cloud computing and big data.It realizes the interconnection between electric bikes and smart devices, and provides the bike owners with wonderful experience of technology products into cycling life.It also offers platform support including after-sales, promotion, analysis for brand owners to improve the efficiency of information flow from the customers to brand owners and then to VINKA.


Developed in-house by VINKA, VBox is the edge gateway of loT. lt extends bi-directional communication between loT devices, like motor battery, display, and VINKA Cloud, and provides multiple local computing services which promises low-latency responses, cost efficiency secure privacy and local autonomy.


Intelligent cycling is enhanced with GPS technology, enabling riders to accurately track their location, distance traveled, and navigate their route in real-time.


Integrating telematics into smart cycling devices provides riders with valuable information such as speed, distance, and cadence, allowing for more efficient and optimized cycling experiences.


Intelligent cycling systems with SOS functionality offer a safety net for riders by quickly alerting emergency contacts or authorities in case of accidents or emergencies.


Over-The-Air updates in intelligent cycling devices ensure that riders are always equipped with the latest features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements, keeping their devices up to date and efficient.


Smart cycling devices that support notifications can alert riders of incoming calls, messages, or other important information without the need to check their smartphones, ensuring a safe and uninterrupted cycling experience.

Smart Wear
Smart Wear

The integration of smart wearable devices with the AIoT has revolutionized the world of cycling. By leveraging the power of technology, cyclists can monitor their performance, customize different cycling modes, navigate efficiently, and stay connected, all while enjoying a safe and immersive riding experience like never before.


Smart cycling devices with earphone connectivity allow riders to enjoy music, receive audio notifications, and make hands-free calls, enhancing their cycling experience while also ensuring they stay aware of their surroundings for increased safety.

HRM (Garmin)

Utilizing heart rate monitors in intelligent cycling devices, such as Garmin, enables riders to monitor their heart rate zones, track their fitness levels, and optimize their training for better performance and health.


The integration of iWatch with intelligent cycling devices allows riders to access various features, track their fitness metrics, navigate routes, and receive notifications directly from their wris6t, providing added convenience and accessibility.

Smart Device
Smart Device

Smart devices have brought numerous advantages to AIoT cycling. These devices have revolutionized the way we ride bikes, enhancing safety, convenience, and overall cycling experience.


The smart device “FindMy” is synchronized with a mobile app, which allows cyclers to locate their E-Bikes with ease. By simply activating the locating function on the app, the smart device emits a signal that can be tracked within a certain range, which saves time and effort in searching for the E-Bike, ultimately providing a seamless user experience.

Wireless Charger

The unlimited charging feature is a game-changer in AIOT cycling. The smart device is equipped with a power source that efficiently converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, enabling continuous charging of other devices, such as smartphones or navigation systems. This feature not only ensures uninterrupted connectivity but also promotes sustainability by utilizing renewable energy sources.

TMS(Tire Monitoring System)

This system utilizes advanced sensors to continuously monitor the tire pressure and temperature in real-time. It provides prompt alerts to the rider, ensuring that the tires are always in optimal condition. This preventive measure helps prevent accidents caused by flat or over-inflated tires, promoting a safer cycling experience.

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