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Centered on your E-Bike, the app is your smart companion that helps you stay connected, notified and entertained.
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    Go where the winners go
    Go where the winners go
eBike Status at a Glance

OTA Update

Over-the-air (OTA) updates allow cyclers to correct software bugs, deliver new capabilities (including apps!). When each module has a new version, the software can be updated on the air. The lower battery will be warned before executing this action.
eBike Status at a Glance

Riding Modes Adjustments

E-Bike can be adjusted freely to find better user experience, end user can set each gear by slider or gestures. Even novice cyclers who have no idea about power-assisted cycling can gradually find a suitable cycling state for themselves and have a more scientific and intelligent cycling experience.
eBike Status at a Glance


You can view historical ride data and share it on your social media.

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